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EDGE:Series2021 Artificial Intelligence & Data Integrity

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

Still in its infancy, artificial intelligence is automating and augmenting decision making in government missions at all levels.  AI governance continues to evolve but data drives the accuracy, and hence effectiveness, of AI applications.   Inaccurate and obsolete data affect AI and can have disastrous consequences.  How are government jurisdictions managing data to ensure its integrity […]

EDGE:Series2021 Blockchain In Government

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

Blockchain applications supporting acquisition, recordkeeping and myriad government operations are being implemented across all government jurisdictions.  Considered substantially more secure, scalable and reliable, blockchain adoption is expected to dramatically accelerate in the months and years ahead.  What technologies are required to support blockchain?  What are best practice applications in government today and what have they […]