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EDGE:Series2021 AI, Data and Space Exploration

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

The next big thing is upon us.  Virtual and augmented reality applications have been part of national defense and space exploration for years, but advances in the technologies - enabled by the Cloud, 5G and artificial intelligence - are moving the ball dramatically forward, ...well beyond space and defense to fully immersive applications for training […]

EDGE:Series2021 Virtual and Augmented Reality In Defense and National Security

As NASA moves its ever expanding reach to the planets and galaxies, its advances usher in new opportunities for advances in medicine, communications, metals, energy and science.  Nations that lead in space exploration and collaboration with the private sector will reap rewards in the competitiveness of their national economies.  What is the short term outlook […]

EDGE:Series2021 Artificial Intelligence & Data Integrity

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

Still in its infancy, artificial intelligence is automating and augmenting decision making in government missions at all levels.  AI governance continues to evolve but data drives the accuracy, and hence effectiveness, of AI applications.   Inaccurate and obsolete data affect AI and can have disastrous consequences.  How are government jurisdictions managing data to ensure its integrity […]

EDGE:Series2021 5G, Cloud And Innovation At The Edge – an All GBEF Membership Reception Follows Event

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

The Cloud is here and now, and migration to the Cloud from legacy environments remains a tier-one priority for US Federal and government jurisdictions everywhere.  The cloud enables innovation and advanced technologies of AI, Big Data, importantly, Edge computing and eventually quantum applications.  The advent of 5G magnifies and complements the Cloud as the second […]

EDGE:Series2021 Cyber 2021: Protecting Digital Assets and Critical Infrastructure

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

Every year cyber threats escalate in both numbers and capability.  From private data of citizens to vital critical infrastructure sectors of energy, communications and finance, to national security and defense, the stakes are high and the challenges ever greater.  What is the threat landscape today for government and critical infrastructure?  With thousands of products and […]

EDGE:Series2021 Blockchain In Government

Tower Club 8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1700, Vienna

Blockchain applications supporting acquisition, recordkeeping and myriad government operations are being implemented across all government jurisdictions.  Considered substantially more secure, scalable and reliable, blockchain adoption is expected to dramatically accelerate in the months and years ahead.  What technologies are required to support blockchain?  What are best practice applications in government today and what have they […]


The Park MGM Hotel 3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

In January 2022, we return to Las Vegas as we re-associate ourselves with CES, the largest worldwide technology gathering.