August 12

US Patent and Trademark Office and the Global Protection of Intellectual Property- CIO Jamie Holcombe

Approximately 300,000 new patents are evaluated each year, and approximately 17 million trademarks exist to provide brand and product visibility. Patent processing and enforcement are major USPTO responsibilities, especially in today’s global digital economy. What technologies are used to accelerate the patent approval processes? How is security assured for the voluminous and highly sensitive data amassed by USPTO? What is the role of the USPTO globally in the protection of intellectual property? What is the USPTO strategic plan and how does the IT strategic plan support it?

Senior USPTO, political and partner nation leaders will participate in a program at the US Patent and Trademark Office headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

August 25

Innovation and Disruption

September 2

Global Movement in a Pandemic

October 1

Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence

October 14

The Electronic Health Record and the Accelerating Integration and Delivery of Health Care.

Artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, the IOT and 5G all are accelerating the adoption of electronic health records and the consequential integration and utilization of comprehensive, accurate and current health data to ensure the highest quality and most efficient delivery of health care to citizens. Expected participants in this program are senior leaders from the world’s largest health care provider, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as participation from the Department of Defense and select complementary US and global partners – commercial and government – that are central to effective and integrated electronic health care systems. Privacy, supply chain and data management all will be discussed at this Issue Forum.


October 29

GBEF Cybersecurity Summit 2020: Threats, Solutions, Liabilities

Cyber always is part of the GBEF/CESG agendas and for this Issue Forum senior government officials responsible for the protection of sensitive data and critical infrastructure will be complemented by technology’s top cyber innovators and SMEs in a high-profile program of insights into current and emerging threats and the technologies and processes that most effectively combat them. In addition, evolving cyber liability and how to respond to a cyber breach will be addressed by legal and subject matter experts.

November 3

Election Night 2020

Every four years, the GBEF agenda includes “Election Night: A Celebration of American Democracy.” Once described by the Washington Business Journal as the best election party in our Nation’s capital, party allegiances are put aside and GBEF members and Consumer Technology Association leaders – Republicans and Democrats alike – gather to celebrate American democracy as the returns come in and we elect our President, House leaders and one-third of the United States Senate. This reception will be preceded by a program in which political leaders and experts will present on the implications of the election and what it means to technology as applied to government missions, and to the larger Nation and world.

November 12


December 3


Technology and the National Defense Strategy (NDS)

The US National Defense Strategy – the first in a decade – has two straightforward purposes. First, to restore America’s edge by blocking global rivals Russia and China from challenging the US and its allies. Second, to keep those rivals from throwing the current international order out of balance. GBEF members will hear from DOD and US partner nation leaders directly involved with execution of NDS priorities. Members can expect data-rich presentations and off-the-record discussions on the NDS and technologies essential to American defense and dominance in an increasingly complex, technology-driven and dangerous world.

Technology and Protecting the Homeland

Always part of the CES Government and GBEF agendas, this Issue Forum will include senior, recognized law enforcement and homeland security officials, as well as top technology innovators in what will be an extended Issue Forum program. Wearables, sensor and surveillance, data collection and information sharing, training and the challenges of keeping pace with always evolving technologies and capabilities, these are among the issues to be discussed by leaders from local to state to Federal to partner nation officials, SMEs and technology innovators.

The United States Space Force and the New Era of Space Exploration

A 2024 lunar landing, creation of a United States Space Force, the merging of government and commercial space interests – these are among subjects to be explored at this Issue Forum and expanded at CES Government 2021. NASA, DOD and leading commercial space companies can be expected to provide insights into the Trump Administration’s Space agenda and the technologies that will drive it. GBEF members will gain insights into America’s new space agenda, why it is important to both the national economy and national security, and how America’s space interests intersect those of partner (and adversary) nations globally.

January 6-8, 2022
The premier global government and technology summit held in partnership with CES.

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