Eric Gillespie

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Gillespie is the CEO of Govini, a business intelligence and analytics company he founded to give businesses in every industry a distinct advantage when working with the government. He was previously the acting CEO of Onvia, a Nasdaq-listed firm that provides research and tools to track, analyze and report the activities of more than 89,000 federal, state and local government agencies. Prior to Onvia, he founded The Patent Board, the industry leader in intellectual property analytics and tools based on USPTO data and the creator of The Wall Street Journal’s Patent Scorecard. Mr. Gillespie also held senior technology positions at IBM, Scient, and CSC. As an expert in the private sector’s use of public sector data, he has testified before the US Congress on matters of government transparency, data and public sector technology, and is a sought-after media spokesperson featured by NPR, Fortune, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune, and The Washington Post, among others. He serves and has served on the boards of a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.