The Government Business Executive Forum (GBEF) is a premier network

of top government and technology professionals in business and government.

Anchored in the United States, global in its reach, the GBEF builds an integrated program

designed to bring influencers of government and technology together.

Who participates in GBEF?


Leaders from all levels of government - federal, state, local and U.S. partner nations


U.S. partner nation officials enrich the GBEF agenda and contribute to the organization’s flagship event: CES Government


Executives who imagine, innovate, design and implement technology solutions that improve government operations


Thought leaders who bring insights, market analysis, and future forward thinking to our members.

Substantive Program

4-6 Special Events

CES Government

Each January at CES, Las Vegas

Relationships that Matter

6 Events a Year

GBEF Difference

  • Anchored in the US, Global in its Reach, the Government Business Executive Forum is a network of top government technology professionals who make a profound impact in government and business.
  • A  member organization that builds an integrated program designed to bring people who influence government and technology together.
  • In its program, the GBEF recognizes the importance of the US federal government sector and also recognizes that the federal government intersects with other jurisdictions: state, local and US Partner Nations. This inclusion of multiple jurisdictions differentiates the GBEF.
  • Another differentiator is anchored in the premier annual summit CES Government which is partnered with the largest international trade show: CES
  • Held each year in Las Vegas, CES Government brings together top mission leaders from US American government and select partner nations from around the world.
  • CES Government is widely regarded as the davos of the government technology sector.

Executive Committee Membership

Executive Committee Membership

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Associate Membership

Associate Committee Membership

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Program Schedule

The Government Business Executive Forum membership year begins and ends at CES Government in Las Vegas annually. Events throughout the year will be posted here and
subject to change.


The Government Business Executive Forum brings together top government leaders together with the sector’s top technology innovators

Leadership Team
and CES Government Co-Chairs

The Government Business Executive Business Forum draws membership from all over the world to work
together to improve and grow the government and technology sector.

Don Upson

Donald Upson

Founder and Co-Chair,

Government Business Executive Forum

Co-Chair, CES Government 2020


Chrissie Coon

Co-Chair CES Government 2020


Charlie Armstrong

Co-Chair GBEF 2019