About GBEF

  • 40 executives whose primary business focus is enterprise technology applications in government and critical infrastructure commercial sectors.
  • Annual program of signature discussions and activities that link to a theme which becomes the focus of one of the most prestigious annual executive programs of the government and enterprise tech sectors.
  • Over 10 years of providing high-value, substantive opportunities for members to build relationships, learn through an exclusive, unique and integrated annual program, and pursue new business opportunities.

The GBEF and CES Government: CES Government (CESG) is recognized as the premier enterprise technology microconference of the government tech sector. It is the only enterprise tech program partnered with the world’s most prestigious technology trade show – International CES. The GBEF constitutes the board of CESG and sets the annual theme, which in turn, constitutes the basis for the annual GBEF program agenda.

Value Members Can Measure

With a limited and exclusive membership, GBEF’s objective is to provide our members with the opportunity to make new relationships, develop existing relationships that are vital to business interests. The GBEF  programs regularly attracts elected and appointed government leaders from Congress, the Executive Branch, Governors, state legislatures, and  major local  jurisdiction policy makers and leaders.

Find and Create Opportunity

GBEF program activities are substantive and occur in unique and
enjoyable venues. Our Members attest to the value of the program through their
attendance and contributions to the programs.

Who You Know Matters

Technology today drives every government mission and commercial business alike. These missions also rely on relationships built on trust. The GBEF enables these relationships:

  • Across all jurisdictions of government
  • Between GBEF members and other business and NGO leaders
  • Among the GBEF members themselves.

To remain relevant and provide value for our members the annual program changes to focus on technology-driven missions. Every year the program supports the GBEF vision to enable substantive relationships that make a difference.

What You Know Matters

GBEF Signature activities – centered on the annual theme – are scheduled in state capitols, unique locations in jurisdictions across the US, and in foreign partner nations. The collaboration of our members brings knowledge, insights and value to our organization and programs by focusing on relevant industry topics.